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Black Tech Saturdays is fostering a culture of innovation and imagination at Newlab at Michigan Central to support the growth of Black tech businesses in Detroit — and you’re invited. Black Tech Saturdays is a thriving community initiative that began with just five people in a conference room and has now swelled to include nearly 500 tech founders, entrepreneurs, tech-savvy individuals, job seekers, resource providers, and eager residents ready to dive into the world of technology.

Meeting three times a month, Black Tech Saturdays has welcomed nearly 3,000 attendees since its inception, becoming a beacon of opportunity and offering Detroiters a platform to learn, connect, and thrive in the tech industry. “The community that we’ve built is supplying us with knowledge and access that many don’t have,” said Johnnie Turnage, co-founder of Black Tech Saturdays with his wife, Alexa Turnage. “Detroit’s success is tied to diversifying its economy and embracing tech, and Newlab and Michigan Central understand this. When some members of our society are limited, we limit the potential of our entire society. If you’re rooting for Detroit and Michigan to win, then champion local BIPOC innovators.”

Black Tech Saturdays offer workshops and training, networking events, mentorship and coaching, community outreach and advocacy for BIPOC in tech. Sign up at Black Tech Saturdays.